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Nutrition: Top 8 Surprising Libido Boosting Foods

 The idea of foods as aphrodisiacs is as old as time but the hard truth is that sometimes boosting your libido is more of a marathon than a sprint. While some foods are great for setting the mood, boosting your libido is a big part of improving ... read more >>

Posted April 21, 2016 by Carolyn Eagle

Health and Wellness: Could You Have Irritable Bowel Syndrome

 Irritable bowel syndrome affects up to 10-15% adults but yet it is still not completely understood by doctors. It is a condition that can creep up slowly and never subside or it can hit seemingly overnight with sudden flare ups. If gas, bloati ... read more >>

Posted April 8, 2016 by Carolyn Eagle

Health and Wellness: The Best Allergy Fighting Foods

 With spring just around the corner, allergy season will also rear its ugly head for approximately 8 million Canadians. While medication is still the best course of action to treat severe allergies, there are some foods with great anti-allergy p ... read more >>

Posted March 17, 2016 by Carolyn Eagle

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Dr. Audet, Calgary - Rating: 4

March 21, 2016
Dr Audet is the only Dr. who will spend the time to truly listen to your concerns/issues, and will send you for all the appropriate testing, for a thorough diagnosis, until (hopefully) the issue is resolved. Unheard of in these times of turnstile Dr's offices. Yes you have to wait longer, what Dr's office don't you wait in. Dr. Audet will always sit and work through "all" the best/worst case scenarios, and seek "all" solutions, including alternative therapies. She has an open mind, as medicine is not an exact science. What a breathe of freshness. I don't abuse the Dr's time, only go when absolutely necessary (annual medical with follow-up on blood work). When I did have nerve issue in neck, she coordinated testing and made final decision based on results. I absolutely know if I have an issue , she will hunt down the best course of action.
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Dr. Low, Leduc - Rating: 4.75

March 21, 2016
very professional, good listerner, prepared
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Dr. Bogoch, Beaumont - Rating: 4.75

March 19, 2016
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Dr. Peens, Rocky Mountain House - Rating: 3.75

March 19, 2016
I'm doing a masters in law best drugstore mascara xojane “I regret saying that because I think it was disrespectful, I understand a lot more now – you’re a single mum bringing up a child on your own in inner-city London, life isn’t always easy and she found a way through meditation to keep calm. So I can understand now how it might have felt to have a child knocking at your door, and thinking, 'Can you just f--- off for a minute, I’m trying to de-stress.’
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Dr. Lategan, Westlock - Rating: 5

March 19, 2016
The Best. Saved my knee and shoulder. Thank You
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