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Health and Wellness: This Flu Season Will Be A Doozy Health Canada Warns

 Health Canada has just launched its seasonal campaign to remind Canadians to get their flu vaccines, warning that this year could be one of the worst in a while. Health officials base their predictions on the flu season just ending in the Sout ... read more >>

Posted November 1, 2017 by Carolyn Eagle

Nutrition: How to Reduce the Salt in Your Diet

 Canadians on average consume about 3400 mg of salt on a daily basis, more than double the recommended amount. Continued over-consumption of salt can lead to some serious health problems, such as high blood pressure, kidney and heart disease, he ... read more >>

Posted October 25, 2017 by Carolyn Eagle

Exercise and Fitness: Overtraining in Sport

The statement, "Records are made to be broken"is so true. The unbelievable improvements in athletic performance have been brought about by athletes who have literally extended the frontiers of human performance by increasing the intensity a ... read more >>

Posted June 28, 2017 by Jason White

New Doctor Reviews Doctor Reviews

Dr. Thain, Red Deer - Rating: 5

March 6, 2018
Best Dr.I ever had...miss him so very much......😢
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Dr. Klasa, Calgary - Rating: 4.75

March 6, 2018
Fantastic personality. Always looking to help Knowledgeable It was hard finding a dr that cared about diabetics as much as he does.
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Dr. Duta, Grande Prairie - Rating: 4

March 6, 2018
My husband and I have been going to Dr. Duta's for a few years now and I find him to be very caring and attentive. His nurse, Joy is a gem as well. Last visit he was running late and was very apologetic about the wait.
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Dr. Khosla, Calgary - Rating: 0

March 2, 2018
I have been seeing Dr. Kholsa for some years. I always find her to be a good listener. She has seen me through some very difficult health issues, and gone beyond the so called normal level of care I would recommend her totally
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Dr. Van Niekerk, Medicine Hat - Rating: 5

February 28, 2018
Dr. JVN performed corrective surgery on my groin hernia in Jan 2018. My family doctor did a post surgery exam in late Feb and said it was "a beautiful job, healing well". I can say without reservation that my experience with Dr. JVN, his staff and the staff of the MH General was very positive.
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