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1. Dr. Patrick Thomas Linehan
2. Dr. Sanjeev Bhardwaj - Good Doctor Rating !! 2 Doctor Reviews - Average Rating : 5
3. Dr. Greg Boughen
4. Dr. Gary C. Butler
5. Dr. Sam Chow
6. Dr. Johan Du Preez
7. Dr. Leo Ehlers
8. Dr. Carl C. Fuchs
9. Dr. Boris Michael Iwashkiw - Good Doctor Rating !! 1 Doctor Review - Average Rating : 5
10. Dr. Matt Meeuwissen
11. Dr. Donald W. Nixon
12. Dr. BISI Odugbemi
13. Dr. Ryan Crawford Oland
14. Dr. James Pattison-Bacon
15. Dr. Stephan Potgieter
16. Dr. Henry I. Quaye
17. Dr. Michael Savard
18. Dr. Jack Stonehocker

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